Custom Tooling Game Pieces

Need Custom Tooled Game Parts Made in Plastic, Metal or Wood?

View some few custom pieces we’ve designed. We can create:

♦ Custom Plastic Game Pieces
♦ Custom Plastic Foil Game Pieces
♦ Custom Metal Game Pieces
♦ Custom Wood Game Pieces
 Custom Dice
 Custom Pawns
 Custom Monopoly Hotels
 Custom Monopoly Houses

These are only a small amount of samples. We have a wide spectrum of original game pieces that we have created for our customers. Let us Create a Great Game Piece for YOU!!

  • Custom Zinc Pieces Custom Zinc Pieces

  • Custom Pewter Pieces Custom Pewter Pieces

  • Custom Plastic Pieces Custom Plastic & Plastic Foil Pieces

  • Custom (Dog) Houses Pieces
    Custom (Dog) Houses Pieces &
    More Custom Game Pieces

We Create Custom Tooling for Game Parts in Metal, Plastic & Wood!

Custom Game Piece Tooling to Personalize Your Game

Have 3D files? Have a CAD file or technical drawing for Manufacturing? Just a sketch or photo? No Problem!

We can create pieces in Metal, Plastic and Wood with Low Minimums for your complete game production. We create the following:

  • Custom Game Player Pieces
  • Custom Game Parts
  • Custom Game Dice
  • Custom Game Tiles
  • Custom Game Sand Timers
  • Custom Game Digital Timers
  • Custom Unique Tooling

This includes game piece tooling for: Game Mover Pieces, Spinners (Arrows), Dice, Tiles, Timers, and most anything you need created!

From your design we will take it from concept to finish.

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